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PERSIT, IRAN FIBER CEMENT COMPANY was established in 1972 for the production of fiber cement construction materials. PERSIT has a wide range of products but its main product is corrugated and flat sheets which are produced in conformity with "ISIRI" and "EN" standards.

PERSIT Fiber-cement corrugated and flat sheets are manufactured in three locations with very modern equipments. The sheet making machines are acclaimed as one of the best, most advanced, and most sophisticated and intelligent in the world. The use of electronic controls permits the imposition of engineered programs rather than manual control. Thus quality is enhanced and uniformity is improved. The machines were originally designed to use natural mineral fibers in conjunction with cement, but after making extensive modifications they now produce sheets that are comprised of cement, synthetic and cellulose fibers only. Being able to produce more than 450 tons of sheets per day, we are expanding our market in Middle-East including Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, UAE and... We have managed to create successful business networks with our clients because of their trust and our responsibility. Both the experience gained and the uses of modern devices in our laboratories have given us the opportunity to produce high quality corrugated and flat composite sheets. Our engineers in Persit's R&D department tirelessly search new ideas for more modern production methods.

PERSIT COMPOSITE CORRUGATED SHEETS AND RIDGES are systematically controlled by Institute of Standardization and Industrial Research of IRAN and we are proud to have ISIRI-12276 standard compatible with European standard EN-494. The material is a homogeneous mixture of cement, various fibers and water. Most advanced ISO tests are performed on the products routinely to ensure a reliable and enduring quality. The load bearing capacity and bending strength of PERSIT sheets easily surpass the minimum requirements of ISO and other well established standards.

PROFILE AND DIMENSIONS PERSIT sheets have 6 1/2 corrugations on a pitch of 177 mm, and width of 1097 mm. The height of the pitch is 51 mm and the thickness is 5.5 mm. All the dimensions are within standard tolerances. The lengths of the sheets are 3750, 3000, 2500, 2250, 2000, 1750, 1500, 1250 and 1000 millimeters.

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