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PERSIT pressure pipes are usually produced according to ISO/160-1980 standard. The pipes are produced in standard lengths of five meters with nominal diameters (ND) of 150mm to 1600mm, and working pressure of 6, 9 and 12 atm. Pipes are classified according to hydraulic test pressure (classes 12, 18 and 24). On order pipes with higher working pressure and also according to other standards could be produced.

Hydraulic pressure tests are performed on the pipes in the factory.
All the pipes undergo tests at twice the recommended working pressure, as shown in table (1):

WP = Recommended maximum working pressure.
TP = Factory test pressure.
STP = Maximum site test pressure.

Besides the above internal hydraulic pressure test, on sampling basis, pressure bursting tests, traverse crushing tests, and longitudinal bending tests are also performed.

The cement used in the manufacturing is resistant cement - or ordinary Portland cement also, on request, the pipes can be given a bitumen coating.


A/C corrugated sheets and ridges are produced in accordance with ISO/R-393 standards. The material is a homogeneous mixture of portland cement, fiber and water. The mixture does not not include any organic material and the quality of the sheets do not deteriorate in time.

The load bearing capacity and bending strength of "PERSIT" sheets, respectively well exceed 425 Kgf/m and 160 Kgf/cm2, the minimum requirements of ISO/R-393 standards.

The sheets and ridges have a smooth surface and straight and clean edges.

"PERSIT" A/C sheets have 6 1/2 corrugated at a pitch of 177 mm, and width of 1097 mm. The height of the pitch is 51 mm and the thickness is 6 mm. All the dimensions are within standard tolerances.

The standard length of the sheets in millimeters are 3800, 3050, 3000, 2800, 2500, 2200, 2000, 1800, 1650, 1500, 1000.

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